„Digital Heartland“ features news, stories and interviews from innovative hightech venues in the western part of Germany. Call it Cologne/Dusseldorf area, North Rhine-Westphalia or Rhineland – it’s one of the most interesting technology hubs in Germany. Thousands of ICT enterprises and other digital business units, dozens of universities and research institutes plus a whole lot of startups are building up this digital heartland of Germany.

The pure facts are impressive. Just the ICT industry of this region gains 92 billion Euros per year. That equals to 17 percent of the GDP of this region. Nearly a half of all german revenues with information and telecommunication technology are produced between the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia. And 22 of the Fortune 100 corporations of the ICT industry are located in this country. But there is more: Robotics, healthcare, e-commerce, consumer electronics.

Image © Tanja Bagusat – Fotolia.com